Our Resources


We learn from many resources, we learn in many different ways
We learn when we do
We learn when we observe
We learn even when we are doing nothing

Here are some learning journey of a week

I achieved coming on time this week. I achieved skating on rock slide. I learnt about Warli Painting by reading book. I learnt about few electronic materials like resistors. I achieved catching butterflies. I was interested in doing neck exercise in Yoga session. I could not practise Warli painting. I would like to bring Warli painting pencils and practice next week. It was nice in rock slider. I want to catch more insects. I wanted to play cricket, cook food next week. I felt happy about my achievement. I felt sad when my friends did not agree to play other games. I felt scared when dogs bark at me. I felt excited about yoga.

I was happy when i found my book of cars. I did sketching about cars. I achieved learning about electronic circuits and I as very happy. I found my favorite novel of Chetan Bhagat i was very happy but unfortunately i couldn’t read that because i was in playing games and sports. I was interested in playing football and i enjoy it. I was more confident in sketching this time and drew 6 sketches. I was feeling sad this week as i was missing my mom on Monday.

I achieved preparing sunshine songs. I was proud of bringing sunshine songs so that everyone feel happy and enjoy my sunshine. I learnt the process of understanding the electronic circuits by pushing myself in the Session. I was thoughtful in the session. I achieved upgrading of skateboard slide along with my friends. I was surprised to see that together we finished upgrading skate board in half a day. I could not achieve making a rap, complete the circuit , making of bump pad. I was thinking of activities for sunshine while downloading the songs. In Rajesh uncle’s electronics session i was able to focus and listen, understand and ask questions. In rock slide i used different ways for making the slide safer. I put soft mud in different places so that we don’t get hurt. I was not concentrating while downloading songs, so i could not complete my other goals. I was content with my achievement in sunshine and skateboard slide but not about electronic circuit.

Last week I tried to catch butterfly, I was serious in that, because I did not know how to catch, then I learnt how to catch butterflies, then also I could not catch what all I wanted to catch.. This week I tried catching black and red butterfly, I was serious in that. When I was doing rock slider I was happy that I did not get hurt. I did cutting all grass and thorny plants near rock slider, I got the idea for rock slider. I am going to make something safe and will test with a stone. I can test with a toy instead of testing by myself. It will not break me, very little break the toy. I will try to make more in rock slider, I will think something new which will not hurt others. next week I am not using skate board. I was feeling excited for . I was angry for food, I don’t like Upma, I ate only egg. I like to have roti and something paneer.

I achieved writing speed records on cars, and I even learnt to read language of electronics. I also achieved making protection for rock slider. I could not write book on machines and I did not make full circuit, car and bump pad. I enjoyed floccinaucinihilipilification, I thought it will be very boring, but it was nice, I liked seeing people acting. I also enjoyed wave boarding, skating, playing on the rock, football, playing games like leader and follower. I liked reflection and review and two best I liked was aeroplane and also looking in eye and make teams. I will work on stamina and make bump pads and also I want work on making cars. and I will use cardboard to make bump pads. Sometimes I was feeling hurt when people making advertisement and making jokes about me. Sometimes I was feeling interested when Rajesh uncle told about electronics, yoga session and games. i am feeling happy that I wrote so much in the week, I also started knowing my interest.

I got my camera, uncle gave me ideas and challenges in photography like aperture, focus, ISO, shutter speed. I tried to play with focus in camera, and am trying to complete the challenges. I am still exploring in and out of camera. I arranged my cupboard and found lack of space. So i tried to make a rack with existing space. I was thoughtful and little creative in making the existing space to use efficiently. I was happy with more space in cupboard. I got more and new information about circuit board and its uses. I was interacting with uncle. He was making our minds run by questioning and thoughts.I have planned to make a boat car. I wanted to chase this idea into making of it. I was helping my friends in bush cutting. I helped Geeta aunty in planting soapnut tree. I am not affectionate to gardening. i could not achieve photography on some days. I am planning to make my photography as spiritual hobby. I wanted to make my photography page a bit more active.

I made butterflies dance. First time i caught five butterflies, next time I could not catch five, I only caught one. They were dancing, but I wanted to make my own instrument and make them dance, I could not make any instrument. I was telling my peers about where is butterfly. I also could have made my own song. I also to make toys for butterflies. I achieved concentrating in session of electronics. I did not make rock roller. I did have that much fun in the session. I tried making electronic toy, but it did not work. I want more meetings. In electronic I wanted to count how many motors and which all countries have motors. I finished rock slider. I failed in trying rock sliding. In f;occinauccinihilipilification I took part in acting and I did nice acting. I was not much helping my rock slider team, I want to make sliders. I want to make stories. I am excited and happy for all the work I did and happy for finishing all the work.

I achieved finishing my F-16 using youtube. I could not catch butterflies, I had no energy. I could have seen books and make paper plane or read more. I was lifted when I saw new bug. I was thinking for going for trekking. I saw a new butterfly. I achieved catching a rare butterfly. I did not achieve making my board for the rock slider. I achieved catching butterfly by concentrating at one place. I went to the market. I took care my hygiene by brushing and bathing and washing my face. I achieved finishing rock slider. I could not do craft. I made rock slider by cutting bushes and grass and adding sand to the rock. I did not have time to do craft. I am feeling happy for the things I achieved, I am feeling angry because I got annoyed, I am feeling hurt after sliding through the rock, I am feeling proud and interested for the everything I did which was good.

In Kannada I was feeling that I will be able to finish the whole page in one hour and practice and I will write test then in the middle I got involved in electronic circuit board. I knew little about electronic I got to know about circuit board. I got to know how to read inductor, capacitor and resistor in a drawing. and when I doing campus care and clean ing dustbin, it was challenging to clean. I used stick and scrubber, Though I got hurt but it was fun when I was skating, I am no more scared to skate now. In yoga session breathing helped me to understand yoga more. Also I understood what is Isha foundation. I worked on my flexibility. When I was doing plantation it was fun and it was helpful for the plants. In discipline when I had case, it made me to understand my attitude that how do I respond when I am getting bored. I am working on it. I can try alternative things. I could not achieve to do Kannada what I had planned. I finished making complete circuit board, It was disappointing that it had less voltage. I would like to do more. I am feeling excited to make circuit board and happy that I learnt.