Our Hero


Everybody loves a hero. You see, even if he gets left behind on Mars all by himself (referring to the movie ‘Martian’), he is unfazed, undeterred, unaffected, and unbeatable. He, to somebody ‘old’ like me, looks so unreal and un-human.

But, everybody loves a hero. So, let us keep our skepticism aside, and see how we can convert this popularity into what we would call educational or teaching advantage.

Everybody loves a hero because he has so much heroism inside him. The most obvious thing to learn about is all the inspiring strength any hero seems to embody as well as exhibit. Take perseverance for example – obstacles come in all shapes and sizes, but our guy just goes on.

“Heroism” was introduced in planning. It began with connecting with the strength of the hero one likes. Everybody loves a hero because he exists out of our imagination. He is our own knight in a shining armor, doing what we dream of doing, achieving what we sometimes can’t even dream. A hero springs forth from all our fantasies.

Everybody loves a hero, and for many of us, it is the one adult who inspired us – to believe in ourselves, to enjoy learning, to celebrate life and to outshine ourselves. Everybody loves a hero because he does so much for others. “What would our hero have done in this situation? How would he or she have responded? For example, if one child is teasing another – we can ask, “How would our hero (say Superman) tease?” “How will he respond if he is being teased?”

Some were sceptical (only super hero can do), some were excited (wow! I can do it), some were neutral (this is all part of life of facilitators to brings something), some were puzzled (but I am no super hero), some were frustrated (ah! I don’t want to be super hero and don’t want to solve this problem)…the life went on with our super hero. Now it’s your turn to be the superhero!

Stories of super hero are fun, they are inspiring. We often look outside for stories of heroism – stories of famous, courageous, enterprising, celebrities are some of the stories one can relate with. But what about stories of parents. We dug success and failure stopries from parents to knwo more about them and connect with them. Success and failure story of parents – fun, interesting, different perspective, nervous and inspiring. Here are some…

Father got driving licence at the age of 18 without paying bribe. Failed twice, got it at the third trial. Only one among the friends to get licence without it be.

Mother shared about cooking competition. She did not prepare much and went with Kabab. She won first prize! Father in very unusual business. First person to start a private company to slide making in India.

Failure in business of father, cheating he faced. Shared about losses he faced.

Mother worked in school. She worked hard, went daily to school but did not put attendance and did not get pay at the end of the month.

Grand parents did not allow mother to go for painting or sports classes. She learnt by self.

Mother who became judge and top most official in the town. Inspired by justice Prakash. She did part time job, hearing lessons from husband and passed LLB exam. Daughter would wake up during the exam. Happy with job and doing justice to the needy people. Her message – do the hard work to reach your goal. Even if you have financial problem, you can do part time job.

Success of mother – when son was little she was keen to work for self. Loved sewing and found love in quilting. Found no teacher, learnt lessons through YouTube and sold first quilt on Facebook within 30 minutes. Got the company registered and stayed business with opening of Indian yarn studio. More orders stared pouring and she taught others. More orders started coming, more people started to learn and soon it was a team 10 people. Soon started selling large volumes across the country. She chose something which she was very passionate but conviction helped in sail inv through. investments was time and conviction and return was success.

Father in fifth grade, interested in cricket and practiced and wanted to join academy. But could not got selected. Failure came in the form of giving up. So it was not about not getting selected but the failure was to giving up after one rejection.

Mother shared her journey to start Geniekids and Aarohi. Success defined by personal growth and contentment. Failure was a reason to learn.

Story of father who stated a new company after graduation. He wanted to join a company and loved the product. He spent 5months to write a new software and applied. He had to get his own Visa. He could not join, and was very disappointed. After few days got offer as a surprise. And started business and got phenomenal success. He tried brining more business but failed again. He tried selling, but he failed. Nothing worked out and decided to close the company. It took time to recover, attempting again to succeed and fail and succeed and fail….

Mother defined success and failure as part of the life journey. She took put downs as challenge to grow.

Imagine a learning community for children (and adults) where there is no curriculum – Imagine Aarohi where there is no teaching – Imagine aarohi where there are no classes – We simply learn from whomsoever we can.