Our food and Awarenss


Just one chart in our dining area created joy of exploring ‘which vitamin am I eating today?’. After realizing what all vitamins we are eating, we started wondering ‘which vitamins in rice?”

We are exploring what are we eating and what goes in our food…it is not something we can do in one session or or in one class. This is something which needs to be part our daily lives. We do not need to wrap experience in one science book and gulped in one class or one examination.

We tried different recipes, different menu. One the child who was making menu in kitchen, came up with ‘junk and healthy soups’. We would just sit with various things and wonder which to add in today’s soup. We came up with ‘french fries soup and brinjal soup. We received a lot of applause for our french fries soup while comments on ‘yucky brinjal soup’. We weighed different ingredients, went to our kitchen garden and selected few herbs and just threw in the soup.