Our Curriculum this week


Our curriculum this week included – Guitar, Crochet, Wood carving, Astronomy, Cooking, FestivalPuja, Craft- Gift factory, Knowing about airport and aviation, Repairing speakers, Aqua phonics, Theatre, Sketching, Making poster, Carpentry,Tippytap, Reading about atoms and plants, football, maths, Repair cycle, Fitness, Drumming, Sewing, Painting, Fishing, Musical instruments, Electronics, History and Geography.

And we continue with integrated learning (learning beyond what one can see)

  • Is there maths and science in football (angles, curvature, force, velocity)?
  • Is there science and geography in making ofKabaddiCourt (know about mud and various surfaces used)?
  • Can one read about threads and making of wool while doing crochet?
  • While one is repairing cycle, one can read abouttyresto understand it better
  • Stitching with Sewing is one task but understanding about how sewing machine works can add value.
  • How about knowing about different soil while doing gardening?
  • Repair UPS and understanding Role of water in energy generation makes sense to go ahead
  • While doing craft, knowing about Role of festivals can add another twist
  • While listening to music and understandinghow does Dolby works goes together in the journey.
  • Making sweets and then understanding role ofPrasadamin festival, importance of sweets in our culture
  • Facilitate and understand psychology of doing or notdoing
  • Cook and read about how is sugar made