Order Order

Today in Open house, there was a case of doing cootie coo to another child. Two
childrenwerethe defendants. The case was read out by the plaintiff. On hearing the names who were not involved suggested some solutions. One of them immediately reacted I have not done, another one waslaughingso cute nocootiecoo is.

We had the plaintiff on oneside and the defendant on the other. Onememberform the jury team declared it is fine too docootiecoo if no one has a problem. The jury team were asked to discuss before giving a verdict.

As the defendant was claiming no, the palintiff shared a live example of cootie coo happening in the morning, whcih caught the defendant unawares.andAsthe defendants wassharing whatshe did, she wanted someone to speak on behalf of her. So we had a lawyer representing the case.

We got an opportunity though this case, to work on team building, co operation, problem solving, becoming aware of feelings and change in feelings, newvocabulary.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mix up of roles , becoming a lawyer and all the interaction and laughter.