Opportunity to learn from mistakes


Bad News – Trampoline out of order, few springs injured.
Good News – An opportunity to re-look into our actions!

As the investigation happened, the experts from Decathlon shared “even for one or two times, if two people are together jumping in the trampoline, it can get damaged”.

And the sources confirmed, “Ya, when one is not coming out, the other one goes inside and jumps together to take the first person outside”.

The codes say “only one person at a time”
The manual says “only one person at a time”

Some reflection of our own actions happened as part of understanding the damage

The need for Trampoline led to repairing
The supplier refused to replace, as it was misuse from our side

We started understanding the making of the Trampoline

We looked for resource beyond our own limitations

Got it repaired from a local cobbler

Understood the working of it

Tested it and


This time may be more CAUTION to use!