Opportunities – Jobs


Jobs at Aarohi – another opportunity to explore, experiment and experience. The jobs have different flavour – just because they are “jobs” they comes with a a tag of “commitment”.

The notice on job created various responses “what is this job, what all do I have to do, will I get paid and so on”. The openness to try the job for few weeks, if you are not confident or clear of the job description led to some relief. But the job interview with three questions “what skills you have for this job and what would you need to develop, what challenges you think you will face and how will you handle them, what will be the scope of work and how will doing this job help you?”. The individual interviews were held. One child signed for all the jobs thinking “some job I will get”. Another one signed up then, cancelled, then again signed up…will I be able to take up this commitment? Will I be able to do my other things with this responsibility? Few kids wrote down all the interview questions and their note books and prepared for the each question.

The jobs are coming out of our living at the campus –

  • Accountant – Manage all the money transactions, including understanding credit, debit, bank entries, daily cash management and online entries.
  • Campus Warden – Campus maintenance needs and action to keep things working.
  • Resource Warden – What all resources are required, manage their purchases and maintenance
  • Kitchen Warden – What all we need to add value in kitchen and maintenance of the kitchen
  • Menu Manager – Bring new recipes from different culture and add value in our menu.
  • Baker Boss – Bake for the community (breads, cookies, snacks and cakes).
  • Captain Veggie – Take responsibility of growing vegetables in the campus
  • System Admin – All electrical and electronics needs/ maintenance, repairs etc (laptops, music system and other equipment)
  • Campus Receptionist – Handle inquiries and send information for each inquiry.
  • PMO (publicity and media officer) – Responsible to share learning stories through blogs and documenting life at Aarohi and share the world of open learning with the world!
  • Local Guide – Connect with the neighbourhood, know our neighbours.
  • Campus tailor – Stitch new things or mend torn clothes – both are part of this job.
  • Book worm of Aaorhi (librarian) – Bring the world of books to the community.
  • Campus Medic – Doctor on duty taking care of illnesses, hurt and in return understanding the world of health!

The jobs also bring an opportunity to understand working of a place beyond just consuming its facilities. It brings an understanding, Last year the child who was campus warden exclaimed “its a tough job”. Well, it is! But someone has to do, else we will have broken pipes and no water. Weather ts the child who takes up this job or the facilitators at the campus takes up this job , we all understand the nitty gritty of any system. Also its so easy to say “laptops not working”, but it takes huge efforts to understand and find solution to make that laptop working. When at Job, the child is being assisted by mentors to support but the process leads to understanding the life ta Aarohi and self discovery!

When we have no curriculum, everything which comes on our way becomes pat of our life and living. And life brings many opportunities to learn!