OPOS – One Pot One Shot


One pot one shot (OPOS) style of cooking for efficiency of resources, introduced by Prachi. A mother, A CA by profession who got interested in OPOS cooking after birth of her twins. She emphasised on understanding the principals of OPOS cooking – like Maximum heat and minimum time, just the right amount of water, standardized the heat source and all recipes are standardize, One tool (2ltrs pressure cooker).

She feels it’s liberating and empowering to cook with OPOS method. She considers it’s as a life skill. She mesmerised us with her skills to carry twins and cook and introduced us to this art of cooking. It was truly inspiring to have her here at Aarohi. We were amazed how she enjoyed her time with both the kids – working through their needs and demands effortlessly and joyfully – the epitome being carrying both of them and doing the kajukatli cooking – it should be called as OPOS2K cooking (2 kids:).

Thank you so much Prachi to adding magic at Aarohi Campus.

Resources available to start and learning this new style of cooking
*OPOS school on FB and

*OPOS chef on YouTube