Open learning for rural children


After a break of two years, we decided to once again begin Karral @ Aarohi

Aarohi O-campus is a rich campus with lots of resources and facilities, creating lots of possibilities and opportunities for learning. In the wish to make these resources available for the neighboring people we are beginning some outreach programs.

I decided to get involved in the outreach program. I enjoy working with children and youth, never really worked with rural children. I am not doing this in the perspective of social service but rather as a contribution to the people who have warmly welcomed us to co – exist in their village. In my perspective I don’t look as this outreach program as a medium to create change in children’s lives but rather to create space for them to come, enjoy and add some value in their life journeys. Simple things like the resources to play sports or do art is a precious thing for these children and if I can create a space for them to benefit from these amenities then why not!

This month we began the interesting process to plan, advertise and implement the outreach program. It was nice to see the enthusiastic response of the headmasters we met at different government schools and parents in the village.Interestingly the main need of the parents is to teach English to the children, it is sad to see the high status that our society gives to English though nothing wrong with learning the language.

Its exciting and challenging. One major challenge I face is the language, I do not know any local language but it might also work as a plus point for me and kids to exchange the learning of languages.

The journey began today with four children coming to campus and playing with puzzles and blocks. I was expecting more children to turn up, so I did feel a little dissapointed. Hope to slowly slowly move ahead and reach out to our neighbors and make them apart of the campus and learning journey.