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Sometimes the anxiety of unknown comes from unknown. Many of us may be anxious “what after few years?” How to go back to conventional? Is going back to conventional is the only answer? Here are some examples of places – “ecoversities: learners and communities reclaiming diverse knowledges, relationships and imaginations to design new approaches to higher education”. Visit to explore more

Also a handbook of various career options attached as pdf file – many more to explore beyond the boundaries of some popular areas.Parents’ Handbook of Careers after School-1nrjlcn

The message of open learning/ freedom to choose is not to replace the importance of efforts and learning consistently. If you make a portfolio of your work which will speak your work not the degree – you will find a suitable place in the world. Asawari did not give 10th because she did not find any relevance. And the decision was not taken in a day or just like that. She researched, understood her interest and understood the system before discarding this way. And even now, not going for degree does not mean “Aaram” but to invest the same time in personal growth in various ways, doing various things, . Some sample jobs without a degree –

Sometimes its difficult to explain to others (relatives and friends) what you are trying to do. Often our path is commented with “radical or unknown or dangerous or courageous” path

But we are not the only one who have chosen this path – we may be less in numbers but we have many more in the community.

Here are some resources you may like to share with your friends/ relatives

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