Session design for preparing children against sexual abuse

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We present here a design of a session which can be done with children to prepare them to escape from child abuse. This is followed by a video example of one-to-one with a child. The text here can be used as direct speech with child

Intro: Some children get abused by adults. Adults do this abuse in many ways – some of the ways are touching children in their private parts, touching them in way that is inappropriate and uncomfortable (fondling, caressing, kising etc), asking children to touch their private parts, asking children to remove their clothes, removing their own clothes, showing pictures of videos which show naked people etc. They also sometimes talk dirty.
Questions/ Situations:
We want to ask you few questions on how you can help other children to escape / fight such abuse? We want you to be our Child abuse prevention consultant?
When an adult touches a child in private places what do you think the child could do? What else?
What if the adults threatens the child? (eg i will tell your parent that you were playing with my i-phone)
What if the adult scares the child? (eg: If you don’t let me something bad will happen to your mummy)
What if the adult tells the child that will help the child become more intelligent, smart, likable, beautiful etc?
What else the child can do?
What if the child cannot shout, cannot run, cannot ……
A child has just been give a nice gift by an uncle / aunty? The child likes the gift? But in return the adult is touching the child? Adult says “I will give you more gifts, all you need to do is sit on my lap? The child really likes the gift?
What do you think the child can do?
A child is bored (no other child to play at home). The neighbour adult – which is always so sweet and nice – today agrees to play with the child – but on one condition – for every game the adult says “you have to kiss me”. What should the child do?
An adult shows to a child pictures or video which shows people naked- kissing etc. What could the child do?
A child had gone to a close relatives house. The child had lot of fun because the relative treated to lot of nice things to eat, took the child out game zone, bought gifts from toy shop etc. The child had so much fun. In the night before sleeping the adult was reading a nice story also. At that time the adult was touching the child in private parts. The child finally feel asleep but woke up again when the child felt the adult was still in the bed and touching the child under the pants. The adult relative tells the child not to share this with anybody and he or she will get more gifts for the child
This child is very confused and scared. Next day when the child comes back home – the child is feeling very bad but scared also – that mummy and papa will scold her? What all the child can do?
An adult offers you a seat in crowded train / bus. You are tired of standing so you sit in that auncle or aunty lap. But while sitting you feel as if the adult is touching you – what to do?
What all will you like to tell a child – so that each child can be safe against abusers?
One research done by GOI across India found out that 53% – i.e. – one out of every two children are abused? What do you think we can do about this problem?
Also the research tells us that abuse is normally done by somebody we know a grandfather or an aunty or a neighbour or papa’s or mumma’s friend or teacher or coach or known shopkeeper, or bus driver etc? How can we help children escape from abuse from these people?