One evening with Butterflies


Butterfly migration from east to west – One announcement “The annual butterfly migration form east to west in India has started. There will be lots of butterflies flying in that direction right now. Sit down on a rock or place that commands a view of the open land ahead, Check the types, colors & patterns of those flying around. Count how many are flying and any patterns(direction, activity- feeding, pausing and moving). Just observe anything else and note down”.

Some of us sat on a rock, we observed, we followed, tried to catch, we also traced them and captured them in our books. 20 minutes dedicated to observing butterflies.

There was one particular type of butterfly in groups was attracted to a particular small shrub that too in a sandy area and was flying low, all-time while flight they were fluttering wings, and when sat immediately they close the wings. There were different shades of Blues in its wings, enjoyed the pretty blue, violet combination, patterns on its wings. Few very tiny moths were camouflaged on tiny flowers, One medium-size butterfly – the color of mustard yellow, was flying neither too high nor too low, few black and blood-red shaded butterflies were flying high above silver oak trees.

And that was an evening in the campus! Thank you, Chandru, We had a beautiful experience