Odissi and Kathak with African drums

A day at campus with two dancers – Kathak and Odissi, Two D’jambe players (african drums). The day began with excitement and soon it was teaching the steps and after some time all the artists were inside and kids were exploring. Well, this was not the objective – it was purely to create a learning space for all, where no one was doing anything for anyone. Yes, it was not done for kids to teach. Soon all artists were to create and jam with each other. Odissi dancer could dance on Kathak bols and Kathak was performed on Odissi bhajans. It took few hours to create a small piece, it took time to shed off all the apprehensions and come out of structured learning.

And we all (others) witnessed the struggle – that was our exposure, that was our learning. Next day we had d’jambe in our sunshine.