Observation is beautiful

Began stimulation differently, Began with a format of goal setting “goal, why I want this goal, what all I know and how many ways can I work on this goal”.

After they wrote what all ways, we went to different places at the campus like resource room, rocks, courtyard, nature lab, kitchen, games section and just be there to know “how can I work on my goal. We did not discuss anything further on how many ways. This set the stage for “Thinking with observation”.

We began observing the shed which is being constructed to cover outside Ambrosia.

  • First just observed
  • Observe if we were to make again
  • Observe if we had to ask someone else to make the same
  • Observe if we had to make this in clay station

What we observed, changed with the purpose. FIrst it was just color and lines, then came dimensions, sizes and strength. After this came different composition and characteristics.

Next was to reach to the same destination through different paths, see, touch, hear, taste and smell what all comes on the way – no discussion on this, purely observation. We ended up with a thank you note and making mind map of what all ways one can say thank you. No discussion, no conclusions, no processing……………….true to the spirit of observation.