NVC – Compassionate Communication with Reena

NonViolent Communication is about understanding feelings, knowing needs and making a request. Two days with Reena were satisfying and reflecting to understand self and needs.
A session with kids – We used videos as tools to identify needs, feelings and solving problems. Self-Empathy dance floor gave us another perspective in problem-solving. The self-empathy floor gave another tool to communicate.This is now our common vocabulary – What is the need? My need is to feel ….safe, supported, relaxed, independent, heard and so on…Express your need…My need is…My request to you…My request to myself…I request to the community…I am feeling unheard…
Our vocabulary enhanced from I am feeling bored or I am feeling frustrated to I am feeling unheard and I am feeling unsupported.
A session with parents brought clarity of our own needs and feelings to be able to empathize with ourselves. Feelings are unmet needs. Feeling of fear may be due to unmet need for safety, clarity, sense of security or lack of comfort. Needs are fundamentals, all we do or not do to are to meet some needs. Needs like…comfort, acknowledge, love, balance, equality, compassion, to be heard, companionship, trust, safe, ease, cooperation they are infinite. Sometimes our own communication alienates us from ourselves.
A parent is often motivated by concerns and fears for the child’s well-being and at times in awe of the child’s innocence and divinity! We function as family systems where power is shared at times out of good intentions, parents operate from a power over space which diminishes a child’s self-esteem. Inspirational parenting is about Power-with parenting. Listening to what the child is saying Yes to when s/he is saying No… How can we transform the pain of unmet needs so as to steer clear of the perils on instant gratification? Are we listening to each other from empathy or a ‘fix it’ or a ‘deal with it’ attitude? We explored the skills of Deep Listening, Unconditional Love, Authentic Communication and more. An interactive workshop with Reena was a new beginning – from problem-solving to tapping into the potential. From manipulation to co-creation – From dependence to collaboration – From stuckness to liberation or a free flow – From mourning to celebration. Vision and work do visit www.kabirsaamagri.org