No Parking Zone & Awareness

As I was waiting for the children to get ready to go to the ground on Wednesday morning, I saw one Aarohi child in a car which slowed down at the building gate…but did not stop and no body alighted. The car went further and turned. After 2-3 minutes, mother and the child were seen walking into the blue gate. I smiled and mother said ‘we did not know if we could park here…’
Flash back to project time..
If you would have walked into Dew Drops during project time, last week..this is what you would have heard
  • let us put up a notice
  • how to answer when other team members ask us questions?
  • let us put one more notice
  • how to get the material that we want?
  • how to make other people take notice of the board?
  • let us not talk, let us do work
  • we need a better idea
  • are we in laughing team or no parking team
  • how do we make a bigger sign?
During project time, few children were working in the ‘No Parking Zone Project’
Children were working on bringing awareness among our visitors about the parking codes outside our gate.
After the morning car incident…I am thinking..
It may be that parking disciplineis very highin this child’s mind
It may be the child shared his awareness with his mother
It may be that the tiny board at the gate is bringing awareness…