No means No


Often safety is looked from “fear” window or from a “rule” perspective. A session with Esha on personal safety threw some light on clear communication and the process of making safer decision. Esha works on personal safety with girls in Gujrat, the session brought an opportunity to make this topics even more open and sensitive.

NO means NO! Does this makes any senses? But how does one say NO? Does it matter how does one says NO? Personal safety is taken for granted. We rarely talk about how can one respond to when invaded by stranger or known person in your personal space.

Continuous efforts at the camps have ensured that the topic is openly discussed, but every-time we visit this topic, we get new insights.

How to say no to a relative?

What If we are overreaching?

How do we know that the intentions of relatives are bad or it’s just a way of showing love?

Well, these are some of the questions which do not have one answer, but have multiple scenario and what matters is “how we operate with understanding instead of some fixed yes and no”.

How does one makes safe decisions? Safety dance floor brought an opportunity to see visually how one can make safe decisions by just following few guidelines rather operate impulsively.

Guidelines included “yes and no feeling, does any adult knows about where Am I going, and will I get help? Just few simple steps but can help in making safe decisions. The process also clarifies some of the questions “why should we inform? Why to not go? and so on