Newton’s laws


Newton said three simple laws

  1. Things wants to stay the way they are
  2. Force and acceleration are proportional
  3. Every action has a reaction

Just wondering such a simple realization was translated in mathematical formula of F = ma. We all can see the things do not move by themselves, they stay where they are unless we put external force, or things keep moving till we stop or there is some resistance, ball bounces back when we throw on the floor…..but we all could not create the laws :).

We introduced three laws of Newton to wonder and ponder.

  • When we jump on trampoline we bounce but not when we bounce n the floor?
  • Things in space will keep moving and stop
  • The floor is non living, how can it bounce the ball back?
  • Bicycle moves because we pedal to front, bit not move when the tyre is not touching the ground
  • FIsh moves ahead – how????
  • Do thoughts also has reaction?

While we were pondering we also watched video about all three laws – paused and discussed what was said on the video. We translated the laws in our own language. Getting introduced to terms like force, mass, acceleration, resistance was new for the group. We ended with a quiz and discussed every answer. We spend our day slapping or pushing each other “every action has reaction”.