Need will drive

I have been working with a child on his reading and writing.

Today in group contact point I shared with all the children, I do not know If I am interfering with his learning and putting my agenda, I do not if I should worry about this child,……………….

Children told me –“You bring in new ways of learning, but be ready if the child is not accepting it right now, keep trying but do not accept results now”.

In the train I was working with him again. One of the child asked me “why do you want him to read and write? Does he also want to learn?”

I knew I was caught, but still tried defending myself

I said “Yes, He wants to?

The child asked me “If he wants to read and write, he will do it by self. May be he does not feel that he has the need, may be he will not read and write till he is big, but whenever his needs will arise, he will find ways to read and write”.

I was speechless. I wanted to record this listen again and again.

This is where we started Aarohi with and sometimes we do miss our marks and flow with the pressure created and succumbed to those pressures. It’s good news – kids are questioning us?