Need of Sex education

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Sex education
The weirdness of the topic
MYths of the topic
Hesitation to talk about the topic
Talk about the topic in a whisper
Making fun of body parts, double meaning slang to tease or to provoke
Hmmm, the young community needed to know that there are healthy ways to talk about this beautiful topic called “body and sex”.Began with drawing boy and girl’s body parts- apprehension to draw, uncomfortable with “certain” body parts – the drawing was to understand self for this discomfort
Then a presentation talking about various responses, body parts, and sex education – feelings of weirdness, confusion, uncomfortable continued
Many have not pronounced the word vagina or penis
Many drew the body of a different gender for the first time
What is sexual touch was the question?
What, there can be private actions and all that is healthy!
And so on

Feeling safe, discomfort, openness, comfort, relieved and more aware at the end of the session.