The need for nature

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Kaa george’s farm

Travel: It was a good night in the train we reached the bus had little tea coffee outside in a small shop. the bus ride to the farm was refreshing cold breeze in your face. we reached his farm freshened up and left for yana.

Yana: We left for yana. it is a rock formation. When we reached there the walk to it was just 2 km long. Near the rock there was a cave kind of place and we climbed it. We roamed in the rocks paths it was so good. And we saw

bats. We moved on to vibhuti falls.

Vibhuti falls: The bus took us to the place we walked for some time. We saw the waterfalls it was milk white when it has a fall. We swam really close to the falls you kept on slipping on the rocky floor below. The water was freezing cold we changed and headed for no man’s land.

Sleeping: We got freshened up had dinner and slept.

Herpetologist: our second day we went to a herpetologist he gave us a nice presentation about what to do and what not to do. He told us about non venomous snakes and he let us touch a rat snake we even held it.

Forest walk: we had yummy lunch at uncle’s house we went with uncle’s friend called imran. He took us too the forest he told us about trees one thing i got to know was that eucalyptus trees suck ground.

Kadamba temple: kadamba temple is a very old temple like another old temple the floor was warm and there were lot of things to sketch i drew a small tower where there was shiva on top of the tower.

Bird sanctuary: we reached a bird sanctuary we saw lots of birds and all of them were good but we didn’t have much time cause it started raining.

Sleeping: We got freshened up had dinner and slept.

Farm tour: george uncle gave us a tour of his farm paddy fields, betel nuts, sugar cane etc.

Exploring the stream: we had a yummy lunch with rice payasam tambli. Then we head for a small stream i saw one eagle and an i saw an owl two times the farmers build small dams for watering the field

Sleeping: We got freshened up had dinner and we watched a small documentary on machines and peoples and then we slept.

Sahyadri papers: we went to a uncle’s place where they make files for people and they make a4 sized papers. He showed the whole process and the wastewater from the factory goes to his farm.

River: after the Sahyadri papers we moved on to the river. And one thing that is shocking is that if the forest was cut the river would have dried out. But thanks to the people who used apico to save the place. Anyways we had lots of fun and we swam at realy shallow water.

Apico: We had good fun in the river. Then we went to have lunch most of us over ate. Then we started apico movement discussion two uncles came and they explained us what is apico and how they used it to save their place ad most of the western ghats.

Sleeping: We got freshened up had dinner and slept.

Weaving: we cleaned our rooms and left the farm and we saw the farm for the last time even the pets dogs cats hens. Then we sat in the bus went to a tribe in the forest. There they had a realy good stream were the water flows throgh a half cut log. It was amazing. Then we had our lunch. I sat by the stream and had lunch. Then we moved on to weaving. We weaved out of palm leaves and i made a braclet but i tore it. We weaved out of a creeper. We can make bowls out of that creeper. Then we headed to the station and back home.

Thank you!