Myth of Motivation


Is motivation a myth?15yrs old Dhtupad sharing his notes about motivation

My notes/understanding from the article WHY YOU DON’T NEED MOTIVATION TO TRAIN
Motivation is like the weather, sometimes it’s raining and hailing heavily some times it’s bright and sunny. You can’t control your motivation it comes and goes whenever it feels like it (Unless you wan’t something so bad that you never get demotivated). Training is hard whatever you do, the body doesn’t want to exert itself so it says no. It’s in these moments we have to take control over our mind and remember why we are doing this, what is the big goal. hopefully this would motivate you. Think of a famous player do you think they feel like training everyday? No it’s natural to feel demotivated, You just have to take control of your mind in decisive moments like waking up, getting ready to train etc.This is all I could summarize from what I understood

The link of the article: you want to read more about it).