What is Mysticism? A session on mysticism with Aparna started with this question.

What is “Mystic”?Few words describing Mysticism – Power, believing, honey, grass, fire, tree, birds, rain, ants, leaf, moon, water, wind, sun, star, house fly, air, mountain, plants, sky…For a moment keep aside your information, your identity, your ideas, your name, your nationality, your thought, and plans.
Listen to music and stay with nature for few minutes.

They are yogi.
There is a longing to know but didn’t know anything
Take a path of devotion.
They consider all universe to be Lord Shiva (that which is nothing).

Shared the story of A tiller who worked for a landlord and spent days together in tilling. He had only one goal to see Shiva (inner quest)…a story of intensity, a story of impossibilities. Another story of passion, a story of devotion… a story of transformation. One more story of a poor Mystic…story of dream, story of devotion beyond status (poor or rich), story of heartful efforts (put everything in what you want)… a story of making anything into reality.

Not many questions, not much comments…the session ended with a minute silence and different take away for each one of us from different agegroup. Some related to the temples they have visited, some were just quiet, some left speechless with a lot of questions on our minds.