My year Journey


Imagine Open Learning, where there are no tests and exams – because we believe that each individual can assess themselves, can reflect on this work on an ongoing basis. Also because one does not need to learn for some external objective (marks) but for own love for learning.

My journey of drumming –As a group we started on the drum pad practicing whole note, half note, quarter note and eighth note for two days with metronome, which was slow and increasing the speed. At that time I was wishing to play on the drums and try the sixteenth note. Finally we got on to the drums it was hard than I expected the coordination was important, starting with the just the snare drum and the bass drum to get the coordination going it was a bit tricky to coordinate the leg and the hand, slowly adding the high hat to get used to it. At that time my wish was to play fills. Understanding the notation was not that hard it was simple. It was time to play a small song it was a bit complicated for me t understand the eighth note high hat, bass and snare drum and then roopak uncle explained me how it is to be done that gave the clarity to finish the songs. At that I wanted to do mor songs and also fills. Practicing for a long time playing the songs with notations and music trying to get it right, meanwhile we were trying to understand what was roopak uncle playing cracking it together. We got into small groups and started practicing the songs with snare drum fills and slowly trying to do the fills using high tomb, low tomb, ground tomb and the crash. We all got introduced to sixteenth note playing fills with sixteenth note. I started creating my own beats.This term I was trying to play my own beats creating rhythm and playing my own fills which was tricky to match my own beats. Playing my beats on different songs with fills and adjusting to different speeds. The process of trying failing doing it again and again doing my thing was really fun. The summer camp there was one guy called amogh he had five years of experience I learnt some beats from him it was nice learning from him I felt happy because I was getting to learn new stuff the thought that I am getting an opportunity to learn new and more advanced beat kept motivating me and I could do it. I was extremely happy when I learnt it.

My journey of team build-This all started with a announcement of building the new building, there it goes my excitement threw up and I raised my hand to be part of it. The first meeting happened we were brainstorming thinking like architects of all the details an architect would need. We all researched on the construction method since we could not repeat a construction method. We discussed it in a meeting then ratnesh came up few designs. Then stanzin and samyuktha were there to guide us they are the architects. Like our first meeting we had a meeting with them they asked us our requirements I was just listening. The next day we went to select the site where we want to build so we get an idea of the measurements for the next step which is designing. We selected the site with two aspects advantages and disadvantages there were two sites a and b. Both had similar disadvantages and advantages so we came up with site which was in between a and b which was site c it had a level difference which we could use and make it interesting. We started with designing I was very excited to do it, we started with measuring the current cupboard and beds measurement so we can design inside. First we were just thinking of the shape which would connect to itself like square but circle there would be gap. We had to incorporate a courtyard in the middle. I came up with hexagon I liked the design but it took lot of space and expense. Stanzin and samyuktha finished the design a bit of my design was there. We started to make model to understand the building and the roof we decided to make the whole building part by part, the part we were modeling was just one part. We started the modeling with proper measurement me and nanda did the measuring part and tw and shiva did the cutting part and sticking part of the walls once it was done I was very happy and excited. Now it was time for the roof which needed pythagoras theorem, bhargav was helping us to learn pythagoras theorem I got it and now I knew what we needed to do the roof took time we did all the calculations and we started the roof, we had to maintain the angle so we had to do the calculations and get it right so we could get the roof in its place of the model, after some sticking and cutting it was done I felt satisfied with the model which we had done. Next step was to make bricks for the building first day samyuktha and staniz guided me how to make a brick because I had never done it, it was extremely fun to get dirty in mud and make the bricks. I learnt the proportions required to make the bricks, I had to lead making the bricks with few people joining me mixing the mud making it was quite challenging without the experts we made 10 less bricks from the previous day. We made bricks for a week and we stopped because it was raining and we were ready for the next step which I was excited, The step was marking on the site for the foundation. First we were trying to get a perfect rectangle inside the rectangle would be the building this rectangle was get the perfect marking of the building making the rectangle with thread took a lot of time because the rectangle was not perfect at the end we did using pythagoras theorem. Inside we measured and tied strings then put chalk powder. It rained that night but we had put sticks because it had rained before also. We started foundation digging and digging it was very exhausting we did quite a lot of it.

My journey craft club –The First art we started with was multimedia art style. I just took a piece of cardboard and stuck paper on it and stuck different things like pistachio shell, mirror for the reflection and a frame, the glue kept sticking on my hand that was irritating. Painting on top of it was hard cause first I painted the background which made it hard to paint the shell and the mirror but I was persistent, I kept trying till I got it. I just varnished it and it was my first art. I was so happy and excited to do the next art.

The next art style we did was decoupage I was very excited to do it because I had seen a lot of decoupaged stuff but never done it. First we put primer on the bottle and then acrylic paint. We put modge podge where we want to stick the tissue. We stuck the tissue and painted the background of the bottle based on the tissue and blended the edges so it doesn’t look like there is a tissue and then varnished it. I felt achieved to do this art.

The next art was wire art. I first drew a bell which I wanted to do wire art. I had to twist and turn to get the bell shape my friend helped me a lot in twisting because it was hard. I hammered it and wire wrapped it. I did the leaves which goes on top of the bell which was good. The process was hard.

The next art I did was rock painting I drew a penguin and just painted on it was so easy. I varnished it. it was challenging to imagine what to draw on the rock. I enjoyed painting it.

The next thing we did was making earrings. First we learned how to make loop to connect hook to bead or bead to charm. It was frustrating to make loops and failing making loops for 2 -3 hours was not easy. Once we go the loop it was easy to make earrings.,

My journey of ups programming –When the announcement was there about this project I wanted to do it but I did not know anything about it. I decided to take it. Rajesh uncle was my mentor for this project, I asked him what should I start with he said explore scratch. I started with scratch I went through tutorials and made couple of games. I felt excited for the main thing. I started with arduino board rajesh uncle sent me some tutorials about the arduino board. I was going through the tutorials, there were two projects with the led I started to do it, there was one step which was not working rajesh uncle helped me to get it solved. We were exploring with the coding playing around with it trying different things. We went through a pdf understanding the coding language step by step to do more exciting things. That was quite complicated to understand went with the flow sitting with rajesh uncle helped a lot he kept explaining sometimes with so much technical stuff I could not answer simple question and the look on his face was funny. At the end after one small project he would give us a variation which we need to figure it out myself. I could do it but the last month of aarohi I did not do it because I was part of team build.

My journey of cooking –
ooking at home – first I saw few videos on how to make chicken 65 and then I got one recipe which I can cook at home and also at campus without maida I was very excited when I ran fast and told my mom that I am cooking this tomorrow my mom said fine but the chicken you ask dad to order it from licious ,I told my dad that I need breast piece of 500 gms, he ordered it I was waiting for to get my hands dirty. the chicken had come when I opened it it was not cut I thought I will get it cut but I did not and I looked at it as an opportunity to learn how to cut it. I asked my mom how to asked me it she explained I did it but I kept looking at the video for every small thing marinated the chicken and left it for me an hour meanwhile I cut onion, chopped garlic , sliced chilli and coriander cut it into small pieces. I had to do it like gobi manchurian which I loved to do the process. It was very yummy.

Cooking at campus – I wanted to try cooking chicken 65 at campus. I told the kitchen team I can do it. I got the recipe clear wrote in book so I do not need to go all the way up again and again. First I got all the spice required ready so once the chicken is there I can marinate it faster. Once the chicken I washed it was very bony and huge pieces then I quickly added up all the spices and marinated it. After an hour or two I started frying it the frying took a lot of time. After it was all done I had to cook it again that took a time it smelling nice but the inside was not cooked even if we cook for so long, we even put it in pressure cooker but still it did not get cooked inside. The chicken was tasty but the inside was hard, the chicken quality was bad.

Manchurians – I wanted to cook something I thought how about manchurian I got two mushroom and babycorn. First I did mushroom I looked at the video and I wanted to do it first I marinated it and fried it. This was easy to cook and yummy. The next thing was baby corn manchurian I looked at the video. Marinated it and fried it and put some favourings. It was really crispy and yummy my mom liked

Trips this year

Bamboo workshop – the first day an introduction to bamboo how they grow, how fast they grow, the history of bamboo, different types of bamboo, the facts of bamboo , how to grow bamboo , how to treat bamboo and the joints which we can make out of bamboo this was the first part of the day it was interesting about the facts of bamboo. the fish mouth joint which is required for furniture making they also showed more joints. we all made a sample fish mouth joint which was interesting to know that these type of creation existed doing this fish mouth joint included drilling , sanding, making bamboo nails and chiseling. by doing this activity I learnt how to use a chisel properly. we also did straightening bamboo.

making bamboo table – the first step and the main is the measurements which we took from another design we took a little extra where we need a fish mouth joint to not make the fish mouth joint proper measurements. we marked which one is frame legs so marking is also very important. the most fun and hard thing was scraping the skin of the bamboo. splitting the bamboo was so fun. hammering nails was like a piece of cake. I played with the chisel and got a cut. first we made the frame and made it stand on legs then we put the split bamboo and hammered it with nails. the people were very kind they were supporting us and clearing our doubts.

Badami – My thoughts during rock climbing – I was looking for the grip that time I was slipping I was thinking how can I make myself firm.when I slipped I enjoyed swinging . I had to pull myself so much my hands were hurting . I think I had to use my legs they were staying on the holds and my hands were taking all the weight.

my feelings – The first time I slipped I felt scared I swung after that I enjoyed swinging. when I came down I felt proud that I climbed that much. I felt confident when others were climbing it made me feel that even I can do it.

difficulties I faced – my legs were slipping continuously because the cracks on the rocks were small and thin that made my balance bad and gave my hands more pressure and weight that made my hands tiered that is why I couldn’t climb the rock completely .

5 km walk and swim

thoughts – I was thinking how long is it will we ever reach the place. the breeze was nice when we climbed a hill it was so relaxing I was tired and the breeze was refreshing. we kept walking and the end the swim was so refreshing , enjoyed being in water the time went really quick.

Exploring Badami and Pattadakal – My thoughts – the statues of nandi was broken everywhere. In one temple it was like a horror movie set that gave me the idea to make one. The cannon on the fort was so cool I could imagine how it would when there is an attack.

feelings – I felt happy looking at the statues and the carvings in the cave temple. I felt sad that the nandi’s head were broken.

Gir National park

I had gone to Gujarat the second last day we went to Gir to look at big cats (lion). we went in the safari from 8:30 to 11 :30 in the early morning there were not enough seats we all knew that it wasn’t the best time hoping for luck we started the safari we could have been lucky to spot the leopard as soon as we entered but the leopard said bye and had gone away that blew up my mind and I was now very excited to spot some big cats but I couldn’t find any but I could spot some spotted deer they were in groups eating grass I enjoyed looking at the fawn (the baby of deer) they were cute. there were also lots of peacocks the were colorful. the huge giant deer sambar deer It was mind blowing I was in shock by looking at the deer. we kept going till the end of the route kamleshwar were there was a huge river in that we also spotted the crocodile it was a baby crocodile. we still had a chunk of time to spot the lion we went to another route to spot some lion we went slowly because we were looking at deer and peacocks the officers told us now we are focusing on lion so we will be going quickly. we met other jeeps they said that they saw lions there was an officer in bike he told that there is a lion sleeping. we went fast one of the officer who was driving the gypsy stopped the car he had spotted the lion but we could not see it he clicked a pic and tried showing it but we still could not see it favor he took us out of the path showed s the lion he had done something illegal but that view was delightful I was relaxed the lion drank some water from the artificial pond with the gir national park has provided for the animals we were there for r a long time and enjoyed looking at the lion. then we excited the park and thanked the officers for the delight.

Surfing –This was my first time going to surfing. Before going to the trip I was a bit scared I watched few videos and I was now a better and also excited. When we reached the flat I was very excited to go. The wait was over we walked till the ashram settled our bags in. it was delayed due to the wave condition. We were exploring the ashram. It was time to get our surfboard I was very excited I carried it and put it in the boat. We went to the beach we had to walk a bit we put our board and the lesson started first we did it on the ground how to pop up and we got few safety instruction. We went in the water one by one got on the board and the instructor helped us. I tried a lot of times but kept failing and at the end I popped up and I felt achieved at the end of the day I did it with the help of the instructor. Second I got help form the instructor at the end of the I tried doing it on my own I was able to do it at the end I fell really badly. The third day the waves were huge I was not able to do it because I was scared of that fall I had.

Knowledge – I know that surfboard has five parts and I got to know about surfing science.

Understanding – I got introduced to waves how they form and how they come parallel to the beach. I understood how to time the pop up and paddle fast.

Application – centring on the board to maintain balance.

One of the Newton’s law which is if you push back an equal force would push you in water.

Analysis / cause and effect – why did my surfboard stop when it went on top of the wave ?

When do you pop up ?

Why was I changing direction while paddling ?

Creativity – what if the surfboard shape was different ?

What if the surfboard had wings ?

Evaluation – it was easy to pop up but was hard to pop up in time.

My journey of chess –I wanted to play chess for improving my strategy and I like it because it uses your mind. I played online against random people who I do not know I kept winning and losing I hated when I lost. Even little mistakes hurted the game. When I win I used to play next once I kept losing I got irritated and I did not play for a while. I kept trying to win. I was solving few puzzles also.

Poster making – Ratnesh introduced me to pablo to make the poster It looked simple but it was complicated. First round I copied the format of one of the football poster. but ratnesh gave me the feedback to change it to make it more sensible with details and not like an invitation poster. I did the second round how ratnesh told me to do it this time I took help from davin on doing every single I asked is it fine. Ratnesh again did few edits and it made so much sense I could understand that why these edits. Now I know how to make a poster, organizing this tournament at aarohi taught me a lesson.

My journey of crochet – The break week – I was in my grandma’s house there I did my crochet I learnt granny square I finished 1 when I was back my dad told me to make 5 of these to use as coasters at the office I said fine.

The 1st coasters – I made the designed coaster I actually struggled to do it I took time to understand how to do it I got confused from the youtube video but I was calm and patient I thought for a while

making of coaster – I made one in a day at that time I had the fire burning so I took in planning, jatre , thought club also in wait until dark I kept doing it I was done it I handed it over to my father and he was happy and surprised I was proud of myself.

The birthday gift – I did the mobile cover for my mom’s birthday. I watched a video how to make a mobile cover. I got confused so I kept watching few more videos when I finally got the right design I can make for the gift. I started making it I got to a good start being a bit confused I kept looking at the video and understanding it. The best part was that I tried out my own design which was successful but you know I enjoyed trying new things and not caring for mistakes. my mom was very happy that I made something out of my hand which she can use.

My journey of 30 day challenge – running 3km –The theme of 30 day challenge got me excited and I decided to run 3km everyday. I was excited to start but I did not know how hard it would be. The first week seemed easy while doing it, I was sweating and I could do it peacefully. The second week it was a bit irritating but I kept thinking just few more days I was sweating too much I did not like it. The third week I almost quit but I kept doing it it was hard I was ready to do it .

The last week I could do it easily because it was very less time I kept doing it I was excited to finish it. Then it was over I missed 2 days I felt sad I could have done it. I was happy because I finished it.

My journey of Aarohi warden –I took this job up because I wanted do hand on work. I started with repairing stuff which ratnesh told me like tippy shower, hooks and termites. Then we got the tv we tried doing something the audio started working then we wanted do the dome flooring so we packed it and kept it outside after it got back inside it was not working, we tried a lot to repair it opening it. Dusting, checking ic but was not working then we called one uncle who repairs it he checked it first then he told us to deliver it to his shop he can repair it. Termites were one thing irritating a lot they were there everywhere. And ants in the buildings. Even though I had fixed the hooks kept braking. I felt happy finishing this job.

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