My week this week

This week, during session I was conscious to not to decide the end goal for any child as per my needs or expectations. I gave inputs to all, but did not decide end results. Gave picture to one child, when she was stuck with drawing, gave her idea to cut the picture in shapes and then draw but finally she drew as per her understanding. Some kids were exploring new vocabulary – I shared how all they can work on new words, but each child in their ways. I thought some kids will be excited to write review of the places they visit and take part in a competition, but they were not – so I was fine with it. One child wanted me to write for him, I did writing for him, but refused to write when I was working with other kids – he wrote on the laptop.

I brought murder mystery novel in reflection as my surprise wok on objective, some liked it and wanted to read more for different reasons – it is love story, it is murder mystery. One child wanted to work on Hindi vocabulary, she has not heard much of Hindi, when we explored more about the goal, she expressed I want to do because it is tough for me, I suggested her to read more Hindi, hear more Hindi, connect with language and then go for it. She decided to do science experiments and write the summary. She explored Hindi words while she was flying kites.

This week we used books in many ways – for new words, to describe pictures, to use it in different places, to read more information, to do experiments, to write, to make stories and just to enjoy.

One of the child expressed that it takes a long to clean pet shelter, I asked, does it take long of some time is spent on blaming others, fighting who will do what and how much? The child brought in the dirt cleaning that “you could have also thought time goes in thinking and chit chatting”. I liked the suggestion. I thanked the child, another said next time think about many options.