My Voice – Biscuits


The need of more biscuits was raised in My Voice. My voice is an exercise to express thoughts, concerns, a suggestion in a forum! Two kids raised in my voice “Increase the numbers of biscuits from three to six in milk timings”.

Currently, we have a restriction of max three biscuits. Based on options we divided ourselves into two teams – More team wants more than three biscuits. Less team is fine with three biscuits. More team wants more biscuits to fill up stomach, without biscuits milk is tasteless. Less team proposed other alternatives like peanuts, coconut, fruits, dates and boiled eggs. Less team felt that they feel heavy with more biscuits while more team felt hungry with three biscuits. More team is fine with 4-6 biscuits. Less team suggested to develop a taste for other things along with biscuits, so three biscuits are fine. Less team argued that more sugar and maida increases sugar level, makes one lazy, the emotion of anger goes high and headache. But the more team wanted more biscuits just for taste. More team suggested other biscuits than Maida biscuits. The final proposal awaiting….