My Visual Challenge


I made myself aware of observing Visual intelligence through drawings, craft, lights, and shadows through my own body lens(The EYE), After a long time, I am living in my present moment and thought that I took very seriously this challenge. Enjoyed every moment of my sublime nuances.
1) Bathroom – Tile patterns, The leg feel of Textures through patterns and eyes through colors & mixing.
2) Water drops splash and shatterings.
3) Utensils washing – When scrubbing with soap with water, the scrubbing patterns going round and round creating circle patterns after few seconds, the drops are like dot painting. I could see the transformation from long spherical soap water drops to mimicking circle shape.
4) While cleaning the dustbin with bare hands, I usually had the feeling that my mind should not react but I could see my tongue being stiff and after observing my body patterns, I usually knew am I still having the feeling of disgust in my mind while touching dustbin. Thanks, today by hugging my usual favorite coloring habit, I felt that while cleaning the dustbin my eyes were painting with transparent color with water against brown color.
5) Making a raw Jaljeera recipe – observing the pattern.
6)Movement of cock during badminton. Usually thinking about missing the chance of hitting the cock and use to wave the hand after missing so that next time, I could tackle the hit and pass it. But today after taking this visual challenge, I felt just watching the swirls of a cock and even the cock were broken but still observing how the shape of cock changes with a different type of swirls after broken is visualized. I was crazy in my own visual world but my kids were seeing my face and this mama didn’t scold me for the broken cock and lets me play and ignore it (even I noticed this nuance but just wanted to enjoy my visual world).
7) Drawing Zentangle – Drew more pattens, colored it, enjoyed my most relishing moments. My crazy drawings are partially done and observing my present moment thoughts and every nuance in visual language.