My understanding of LEARNING STYLES

As a facilitator working with children, I understand that I need to know and understand many things to work with children. One such includes “LEARNING STYLES”.

Learning style is a consistent way in which a person perceives, conceptualizes, organizes and recalls information.

One of the most important things for working with any kind of children is the understanding of “LEARNING STYLES”.

Why I thought “Learning style” is crucial for working with children, is that, each child will be working/learning through different learning styles. By understanding Learning Styles as a facilitator, I would be able to facilitate learner of different categories for learning effectively. To be able to, use variety in facilitating to make learning fun and joyful for the learners. So understanding learning style will help me prepare resource of the comfortable learning style of the child as well expose the child to a challenged learning style, which the child may not be learning through and also to improve the learning of children.

To understand about the “Learning Styles” I read few articles from the website.

After reading the articles, I understand that the most widely used learning styles are VAKT – Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic and tactile styles.


Learners learning through Visual style, absorb information by seeing things, object, people, and places in front of their physical eyes. They capture the visual images like details of lines, curves, colours, size, shapes, and texture. They will be able remember images better then texts.

Few ways to facilitate these kinds of learners are by using visuals aids such as pictures, diagrams, charts, maps, flash cards etc. Encourage them to put down their learning in the form of visuals. Use graphics to reinforce learning concepts. Colour code learning concepts.


Auditory learners, learn best through, hearing, listening and speaking. They are good at remembering voices and tones.

Few ways to make learning joyful for these learners are by give instructions verbally, use sound to convey etc. Encourage open discussions.


Kinesthetic learners enjoy learning by doing. They will have more enthu for outdoors, activities that involving moving around and using various body parts. They would be good at expressing feelings/thoughts through their body and different body movements.

We can involve them in learning better by exposing them to more outdoors, ask them to demonstrates, encourage physical movements, role plays, include manipulating things,


This is the style of feeling the object, person etc for learning better. These learners learn well by activities or projects using their hands on skills.

My conclusion

Whichever model of learning style you use, I think no learner falls into just only one learning style but a combination of any one/two or all of these three learning styles. So expose children to both the comfortable and uncomfortable learning styles. Give variations and varieties.

Observe them more to understand which style they are using the most and are comfortable with. Understand how their learning, through their style of learning is.

Experiment by exposing them to other learning styles also. Understand their difficulty in learning through other styles. Work with them to find comfort in all three leaning styles.

My expressions

As I was writing this blog, I was feeling myself into a different world of variety. I am more self motivated to learn more about learning styles.