My thoughts

My thoughts…

After the experience of one week in the new schedule, it was time for me to introspect… to put down my thoughts. And I am happy.
Liked the feeling of the whole group working on one objective with in a super sized session of 3 hours.
We all made full use of this ‘more’ time. Children could explore, do, read, write, play, think, research and so much more- how much ever they wanted, without the tic-tic background.
I feel I am gaining so much by working with a mixed age-group of children. There so much learning happening with such ease. Interesting to see a 5 year old matching a 10 year old in group discussions, picking up new words like ‘observe’ ‘analyse’ etc. Can’t help smiling when a 5 year old and a 10 year old together reflect on their session and talk about what they did today.

At the start of the year, a little bit of unfamiliarity with lot of familiarity is making me positively anxious… The acceptance from known faces and new ones alike, is a humbling experience.
Enjoyed working with children- looking forward to learning more