My story of carpentree


Three days of carpentree from his eyes, he is 10 years old. He has lot of dreams, he is understanding his dreams, that the path to reach out to those dreams is by DOING. His story of three days in his words (unedited).

So, today everybody was excited for doing carpentree with murli uncle.

Everybody woke up for doing sunshine I was the only one sleeping for 2 more hours than i woke and went for planning there murli uncle was there in the session it was announced that everybody will do carpentree for the whole day i was not so happy with that because i did not like too much carpentree in one day. Than after carpentree we went for breakfast after everybody went in the mudhouse for doing carpentree with murli there first he asked everybody what they wanted to make everybody told what they wanted to make, some where not sure what wanted to make so murli uncle told them what they can make he told some that they can make soap stand. After some time of deciding what they want to make

Than everyone took advice how they are going to make there project from murli uncle they started taking wood and cutting it with the saws than after that i thought of taking photos for putting it on aarohi website so i took my camera and started taking photos and

Videos i took for 2 mins than worked for 10mins than in after doing both for a long time i did trampoline for 15mins i would go do trampoline every now and than in the evening. One child told me that i had to discuss what i had to make but i had not so than i did not want to discuss on my project so i did not discuss so whenever I went near the working table and he would blackmail me that you have to discuss my project. I did not want to discuss because i was too shy to discuss with my day went after thought club I watched some videos than reading for 1 hour and than went for sleep.

I did not discuss my project and till community sports in sports, some of the people went for running. After they came from running i and the other’s and i played volleyball after playing we ate dinner and then in thought club we started writing our journal after we wrote them we did review we sat in our age groups and then discussed the codes and other rules that are there in aarohi. We did it for the rest of the thought club after thought club,i called my mom talked to her and then in self-time which i call mobile time i watched some videos. After some time of watching i went for reading my book took my kindle and started reading. I am reading HARRY POTTER, AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE I read for almost 1 hour and then i after that i went to drink water after drinking water I went to space where I was reading and took my kindle and then took it to my bed and slept after keeping it in its place. And then after some time of thinking about the day I slept The next day everybody woke because they wanted to do carpentry after waking they went for sunshine after doing sunshine they usually they played some sport or did trampoline, wave boarding but everybody went to mudhouse for doing carpentry they took the project they were doing the day before and started finishing it. Some had finished it their project so they started doing a new one. Now everyone was now very comfortable doing their work and using any tool in the mudhouse.

Two children had finished so now they were making a soup stand using coconut shell

They started making it and some other’s were also making the same thing for around 2 hours i was trying to make something but did not make anything then i started taking photos and videos of other’s making there project then after some time of taking photos and videos i started making a fish tank lit using some other way of making i copied some other people’s idea of making and then started making the fish tank lit till 3 hours i was making it then on child told that i wasn’t discussing with him what i wanted to make after some time i told murli uncle that i wanted to make a fish tank lit. but he said that it is too late and that i can’t start making it now so i went to the house and then started reading my book after reading for around 15mins it started drizzling so i went in side the penumbra just after i went in side she told me that what am i doing here and why am i here and why am i not in mudhouse with the other’s and making something then i told her that i did not want to discuss and that’s why teh child would go and tell that i was not discussing with him. i told her that did not want to make anything because i did not want to discuss i told her that i want to read my book and told her that i have no idea’s to make anything and then she asked me that i should go to mudhouse and see other’s and i will get the idea that i need and after i telling her that everything what happend in the mud house she took me to the mud house when she started talking to some other girl i ran to the library and took the book i was reading and then started reading after some time of reading i went to the house took the old library books i had taken went to the library cept them and then again went to the house cept the new book and then went to the kitchen and started eating food after eating i went to the house use and started reading the new book i had taken from library and started reading. After reading went to what was happening in mudhouse i went there and as usually they all were doing there projects and other’s where cutting some were taking notes i went there and saw the thing i was making, the fish tank lit then went to the trampoline i did some flips and some other tricks which i know and then i went to the ambrosia [ kitchen ] and ate some jaggery and then took the wave boarding and started wave boarding i wanted to learn how to pass the gaps in the grounds, after some time of doing. And than the next day murli uncle went back to banglore

Everybody had a lot of fun doing carpentree for 3 days full and everybody learned a lot of carpentree. Now most of us know a lot of tools in the mudhouse.