My skill development – my responsibilty

My skill development is my responsibility – we can create this awareness, create the opportunity to reflect, and create our own planning to develop. We cannot develop for others. At the campus daily we get approx 6 hours of skills development – 9 hrs of sleep, 2 hrs of planning/reflection, 2hrs of community engagements, 5 hrs of self-social engagements.
Yesterday in the thought club for stimulation we had some 200 cards of various possibilities of doing things like reading in the bus library, playing trees, coming, experimenting with chemicals, etc. Each one of us shared the skills we got engaged with and some realized that “I could have done more, Maybe divided the time and could have done more, maybe need clarity on what I want to develop, maybe go deeper, maybe look into my patterns, and so on:.
Then we had around 100 cards of needs – we analyzed for ourselves ” what needs were met and what was not”? For example, for some the need for companionship, rest, and entertainment were met, but the need for the purpose was met, for some the need for acceptance was met but the need for recognition was not met…and so on.
Just a simple sharing in the community and that’s all. Each one created their own understanding with their own experiences.
Ended with an invitation to write a letter about self, needs and the day.