my shoulds

I have been working with a child for his reading and writing skills.

I do not have any formal research on phonemic or any literacy programs. But what I know is “word intelligence means LOVE for literacy and exploration in various ways.

Today I sat to do my research and then I decided to NOT DO IT.

I realized, till now when I am working with him, I am actually FOCUSING how he s learning, I am desperate to know HIM and HIS STAYLE to be able to move ahead. I do various kinds of activities with him and observe KEENLY his response. I do phonimic sheets, workbooks, dictation, memory games, word games, art and craft with language, music with words and body……………………..and I am consistent, spending time with him consistenlty – As I feel DOING makes a lot of difference.

……watching his repsones, his style, his confusion, his frustration and his happiness.

I know when I am not STUCK with one style of something I am CONCENTRATING more to understand the child and his style of learning, I am free from my “should”.

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