My role

I was with kids on O-campus making shelter.

Day 2, one team was ready with their tools, other team was not ready. Both teams were fighting, I felt this was unjust – I interacted and talked about behaviour, did reflection activity on behaviour – what I got “kids who got aware of them thru their behaviour, which possibly they are already aware – what I did? Nothing 🙂

As a faculty I reflected and realized I had beautiful opportunity to work on various perspective? The kids who were fighting, they fighting because they thoughts this was the best or only available option for them. I could have played the role of making them explore more option – just by putting a simple constraint “except going to the other team and snatching their tools you can do anything”.

The first team did not have the option of snatch the previous day and they did looked for many options to fetch water, collect tools etc etc.

Today the same situation ………I was now vigilant of my own behaviour. I put constraint on them………”except coming to this team, you can look for any option”. After some time they came and requested to the other team “can you repair tools for us”…..I said “you cannot interact with this team”…………..after some time we had all things in place e- kids repaired tools by self, took help of others on the site and moved on………during reflection they shared how they “took and gave one learning things to each other”.