On my ride

Kelmangalam from a child’s eye

On our ride I went to a lake and wondered how the lake was made and why are the small island made. And imagine if there was a palace under. I observed different kinds of things – mud and brick. Mud walls were standing straight, some walls were falling down. On our ride I went to railway station, I heard about the railway tracks and types of engine. I went to a potter’s house and learned how to make pot with a bullock cart wheel and lake clay. At the temple I did not get any information, except knowing how temple was made 15yrs before, but it was looking it was made a years back. I went to a iron shop and I learned how they use coal to iron. And I went to a hardware shop and I learned how British took gold coins, India was rich earlier and now India is poor.

On our ride to another hardware shop and I learned about the weather now and then. It was cool before and now it has become hot. At the restaurant the owner told me that the aunty who came from Bangalore, brought tiffin items to this restaurant. On our ride to met an uncle, who told us about his childhood – he used to wear half pants (nikkar), no chips, no cold drinks, very few bicycles, used to walk and had no money to travel by bus. On our ride I went around to meet different people to learn about the history of Kelmangalam.