My Reasons to learn

When I am curious, I try
When I try, I discover
When I discover, I say “I did it!!”

A child exploring inner curiosity.

My little son wants to travel around the world. He first bought a sketchbook and started collecting things related to various countries. Last week he showed interest in sketching. He wants to learn sketching, so when he will travel around he can sketch people and earn money to cover cost of travel.

To ensure he learn to sketch, he plans to carry a sketchbook and pencil around.
To carry sketchbook and sketch pencil around, he has made a pouch for himself.

I do not know what he will become tomorrow, I know he is living his life to fullest today. This reminds me of the the quote ” The moment a child arrives, a whole lot of parents think it is time to teach. I want to ask you a simple question. If your child is below 10 yrs of age, who is more joyful- you or the child? The child. Then who should be a consultant for life- the miserable one or the joyful one?” – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Isha foundation.