My Progress


During the first few years of life, we get so used to being assessed by others that many of us lose the ability to assess ourselves, fairly. But whether it is praise or criticism – if the first line of assessment comes from me myself – then not only do I become more objective about my efforts and results, I am also able to take others’ views in a more balanced way.

We began with asking –What is documentation? Why documentation? Each one of us designed our own documentation? Deciding or own medium, our own purpose, our own topic to document. Some of the samples we saw – a collection of stories, a collection of photographs, video of a portfolio, presentation of a portfolio, etc.

Think of different aspects of your life you want to capture this year –Your interest, your ideas, your failures, your achievements, your emotions, things you did new this year things you got mastery over, etc.

Think of the medium you want to explore-video or audio or collage or poster or a book or letter or poetry or blogs or word cloud or mind map or picture story or a comic story

What is your purpose of the documentation –to show to people, for yourself, for reflection, for memory or just like that! And the process allowed each one of taking the rope in their hands. And that’s all!

NOTE TO PARENTS –Have a dialogue on documenting/ preparing a portfolio of this life journey. Each family can decide how you would like to take this opportunity forward. At the campus, we have a slot every Thursday to work on the portfolio – but documentation can continue any time, any place.