My power to empower myself

Every Monday, we all plan for the week, we all plan together. While planning I prompted kids to fly kite whole day, but they were not much interested and they kept only evening time for kite flying. Well, next day when all were sharing our planning, one person announced “I am flying kits whoel day and thats my planning” This brought a sensation – some announced quickly I ammmmmmmmmmm alsoooo buttttttttttttttttt, I want butttttttttttttttttttt and so on.

  • One child immediately wanted to change his whole day plan.
  • One child expressed, I can do it some other day.
  • One said, I am not changing my plan
  • One was confused
  • One wanted very badly but was caught up ……..have to go for grocery buying, I have this work and that work, I used to fly whole day., I want to but I am ………..

I was pondering

  • How many of us do know or clearly do not share our needs – Do we carry our own burden of images?
  • How many of us not bother and express freely (not necessarily get what we want all the time)?

Later one of the child shared “I wanted to fly kite and also continue with my planning – I was thinking what all will happen If I change my planning just like that. What will I feel………….I was thinking before changing my plan”.

I was pondering – what looked confusion to me was thinking time. What looked apprehension to me was the thinking process. What looks rule to many is actually an opportunity to understand self – how do I respond, how do I express, how do I listen…………how do I know my self and know my power to empower myself?