My plan – my path

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Last two weeks we have been working on revised planning for Dhrupad with his revised needs. And we could not do it in a day – every day he spends some time bringing a thread together.

Some of the things which brought these changes are

His Bangalore training started – so travel needs it space

He has decided to go Vegan (plant-based) – so that means no chicken and eggs in the diet and that means needs a relook into the diet plan(menu too).
He was not able to bring content for the football Klub – that means finding time for the preparation in the planning.
He has developed knee pain and it needed to relook into the exercise plan as well experiences plan as well practice plan
And then detailing of deliberate plan food plan and then reflection then reviewing….all needed time and he needed to place them in the day/week to be able to do what he wanted to do.

Today he felt that the things are a bit in place
Still need detailing of the exercise plans, food plan and the planning continues
Sharing some part of it – it looks like just an excel sheet, but has efforts of a lot of churning, reviewing, reflection and time.

Football Deliberate planning – Click

Weekly Planning – Click