My Plan

When you are struggling with something, what do you do? You just struggle and struggle right? You try to think of different ways.. You think on.. You ponder on… and if you have still not found a way out, you stay with it.

Hey I am doing the same thing!! Somehow I found my goal. But I am stuck on how to chunk it down further.

To give you a background, I am becoming facilitor for Aarohi Lions So I was observing a session.Then somebody asked me,“What is your objective in this session?”

I felt like he is asking me – What is my objective in life? Why am I on this Earth? OMG! That question became so big to me!!

Is this Habits of mind? to find your goal in everything..? Am I living a goal-less life? Should we have a goal all the time? What is the difference between agenda and goal? Is the goal about my self? pondering…