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My little son, who is no more little, said last week in the family reflection space “I am 16yr old and I want to share my plans” I want to “go for becoming a student-athlete in the USA” and these are my reasons and this is my research and this is my findings and this…. Some of his REASONS

Better options

Better facilities

It’s cool I like that lifestyle I don’t want to keep working and build my portfolio and try for football professional

I don’t want to be late, I don’t want to do this at the age of 40 I like that lifestyle I want financial stability

I am also not that good to be picked up by the team at this moment Lead a normal life I am not running away from hard work, but my dream and needs are important to me

Continue to work on football to develop skills (as he will not be accepted if he is dabba player) Study for IGCSE and SaAT etc and join college in USE Be a football player And get picked p a club to be a professional player Connect with more people in this path through social media, write to more people and find more info His QUESTIONS to us Will you be ok, me going this path? His apprehensions – is it ok to think like (we laughed and asked him If someone wants to be a farmer and you go to the USA for your liking of the place/lifestyle – what is the difference?)

Do we have sufficient money?

Why not go now as a high school student? What are the experiences of people in the USA on this path (his research is on to connect with other students)

How about going and experiencing rather than first spending 2-3 years in preparation based on some assumptions – his research is on this Here are a few things we recommended him to write/record about:

  • Why College?

  • Why College in the USA?

  • Why College in USA as a Student-Athlete

Hopefully, this would help you to collate all your thoughts, aspirations, dreams, beliefs, concerns, gaps, etc.

Find more about the different options Connect with different students in the USA

Create this new plan for himself


Delighted 🙂

Whatever is the TODAY is IMPORTANT and that’s all!

All his aspirations, dreams, and desires are IMPORTANt – we are just part of this journey as co-passengers, he is the driver.


He came up with his research, and understanding self need

“To get what I want, I don’t want to do what I don’t want. I would continue with my football practice and not go for the college path, as that will not give me what I want”.