My passion

One child began his journey with sketching – He sketched things, people. He hated his own creation when he sketched live people. He continued. He started sketching (copying) cartoon (Pokemon) from internet. He sketched endlessly. He would sketch while we discussed, while we talked about planning, while we sang songs……………….he continues.

He loves his own creations, he does in many different ways, he just sketch and sketch. He does the same when he wants to play football, watch movies, learn maths, eat Pizza, or catch insects. Is he going to become an artist or movie buff or football player or what?

Sometimes wonder what is education for? Is it to only produce end results or also to travel the journey together with the child? One of the mistake we do is to believe that education exists – it does not exist, it evolves with each child. Each child has unique needs, so each child needs uniques education. It is mistake to wrap up learning in any package and think it is progress or prosperity or growth. Children are born with curiosity and innate ability to learn. As the child is forced to subscribe to the term “education”, the child’s ability to learning is taken away. It becomes difficult to bloom in such packaged environment for all – parent, child and teacher.

At Aarohi when we give child the freedom to choose, child also takes responsibility of learning and child package his/her own learning. They bloom in their own learning environment. We do not worry what will the child be tomorrow – we enjoy what the child is today. Anyone future does not exist, it is only present which we can create.