My needs

My family shifted to campus last year with some basic belongings including toys and books for kids. It was 10% of what we had in our house. Rest of the stuff was packed and kept in our basement. Yesterday all the stuff came to campus and 80% of that is getting merged with campus. My son was excited when we were opening kitchen stuff. He wanted to take back some of his plates and glasses which he had donated to campus. He elected few and told me “these I do not want to donates, but you also see If you have any “need” to donate from this also na!!!

I said “whatever you do not want to donate keep with you”. He insisted to see “but you will also have some need to dante an all na………you see na!!!

I smiled, He has been listening from me that I do not want to keep much belongings for myself, let all be used by all……………..he was sensitive for my needs.