My Motivation

One of the child has been showing resistance to write and read. He finds working on construction site quite easy. He moves his hands with ease and has learnt a lot on the site by just observing the masons.

During Neelam Cyclone, we were not able to go to the site. We decided to explore math logic in our project –

This child sat with a book on construction to READ

  1. He found out how to make steps
  2. He took measuring tape and did calculations on how to make steps from 0 to 2-6”.
  3. He did all – read, write, maths, interacting and teaching another child also in his team.

I had not to do much except “accepting him, giving him resources and being with him in his exploration”. He said in his reflection “In project I was working on measuring – how many steps will come in two feet. I was pushing myself – Before I thought 11inches is one feet – Now I know it is 12inches”.