My month – From Anjali’s Diary


August month
Arham and I discussed festival, what do we do, how do we do, I shared options of what kind of constraints would you like to follow, etc, he chooses and made a list of it together on the book. He followed constraints choose by him. He expressed that he did not follow it today. He verbally shared with me what all he watched in the Jain story.(story connected him to know about some facts about Jainism- my view)
He goes to his brother and father when they are working online. He looks at screen and comes to me share about what he saw on the screen like Microsoft teams, skype for business, excel sheet, PowerPoint presentations. When he gets a laptop to use, he opens up those applications and clicks on option on the toolbar, tried to download, when did not happen got upset, sad, cried for it.
He shares different meanings if the same words as Kabir as in a movie, one in aarohi, samyak in Jain story and the name of one boy he knows, parv one is bhiya name one as festival name, etc. He makes rhyming words on his own shares verbally. He asks questions about things. Like if scooter could have this, how wonderful will it be. If we could have an ice cream cone, could have put whipped which we have and can enjoy eating it together.
He picked up a science experiment book from the bookshelf and came up with option of doing daily one experiment when I forgot, he reminded me about it, did along with his brother. He used punched paper folder as outlook to send written messages as mail from me to father, to brother, to me. He asked me to make a calendar about klubs, another task to do on this outlook which I made it. He checks himself daily.
He repeats movie names many times after he watches it. He writes maths sums, formulas which he sees in his brothers book. Like (a+b), divisions. LCM etc. He asked his brother to teach him his maths.
He shouts, punches me, brother, father when we do not listen to him, do not attain him immediately. He says to us first you be silly then talk to me.
He drew a house, a temple in the book. He drew flowers, colored it. He asked me to make join the pair on rhyming words which he did with help of me and his father. He asked papa to give two-digit sums to do onboard.Arham –
I do see what my brother father doing on the screen
I try to do it by myself on the screen
When it could not happen I go upset.
I make a rhyming word, I find the same word having a different meaning.
I do watch movies.
I listen to the stories.
I do play cricket with a ball hanging on a rope by myself.
I do zoom meeting with my cousin weekly how much I want.
I see I listen, I do and I learn