My learning comes through me

Many goals, many learning opportunities – variety makes our session a fun place to be. A glimpse from weekly relflection – Children shared

When the kitchen lab comes in my mind, I start feeling to cook, and when I start feeling to cook, I start feeling that I will burn my hand and I am working on understanding scare. My scare came from the heat. That’s all.

When I went to fix bed curtain I made a bell. When I went to do dimension of speed bump, I used my hands as a measuring tape. I explored hand as a measuring tape after I did few activities from Mathloigic book. When I go to make something I may make something else. This week I worked on bed curtain, dimensions of speed bump, new sign for barrier.

In Peterria project, I researched on food for the pets, what all different foods we can give and what timings. I implemented the same. I understood body coordination in stimulation, my take away is that body coordination mind and body coordination, precision, sense of timing and body reflex action. In the week i observed my body reflex action and i want to work on sense of timing. Planning the whole week helped me to fit all my learning needs and plan my days out so i can work smoothly. This week i did sports everyday and i felt nice about myself. I also worked on putting challenges and doing new things this week.

I was focusing on reading and writing over the weekend., I learnt the meaning of different words, I look for meaning in dictionary so I can use it later for reading talking or writing. I had the belief that I cannot run uphill, but I broke in sports, I was running uphill with the football and playing in the ground without any rest. I enjoyed using objective of the week and being aware of myself. I did weekly planning, I helped in being clear and I wanted to do more. I learnt simple way to make a solar heating and I want to apply this weekend. In safety drill, we did drill on house fire to little prepared for the fire.

When I do not know a word, I search in the dictionary, When I do not understand the meaning in the dictionary then I search the dictionary word in the dictionary and If I do not understand the sentence, I clarify with the people around me. While reading, I ask, I try, I connect the word and also search for sound in the word.

I worked on gardening on watering the plants. In resources sorting and pets and working on objective of the week, I divided the work. I worked on rescheduling with my needs. In day planning I communicate that I do not want to the kitchen lab next week, but I did not communicate the reasons. This did not help in communication, and If I simply sit and be quite, it is not helping in moving ahead. I rescheduled my work on Monday, It helped for other three days, I used to feel I have to do this and that, rescheduling helped me and it was not “oh I have to do and all that”. I was doing a little work and little work there and work on in one time. I did all the thongs, but the planning helped in making it joyful and I was not struggling.

My purpose of coming to aarohi is to understand myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, my interests, explore different learning styles and get exposure to variety of things. I don’t want to do kitchen project because it is difficult for me and I don’t have interest in it. I took pet’s project lightly this week and stayed in my comfort zone while working on it. I understood the objective of the week and leader profile and did daily reflection based on that. I was aware of my feelings and explored the vocabulary but I did not work on expressing the feelings. I also did not take a goal related to self-intelligence. Sometimes my attention was on others resulting me to blame others and not work on my goal. Next week I want to work on leader profile: positive thoughts.