My learning

Twochildrenworking on making candles. As they started their journey, they started give us videos, I saw Yashas boiling candle etc. the question that what if you were inaworldthat you had to make this candle- what name would you give, how would you have made, what all process you would have used. Would you havemade the same kind of candle-etc. I left from there with the thought they can decide. After some time they came up and said we will try different things or differentways. The children were ontheirjourney of breaking the wax, usingclay, meltingit withmatch box etc. After all this i asked them what did theprocessdotoyou. Thechildrenshared that the journey gave them the confidence that they can do different things, without going by what is already there. they also do not have to be dependent on google and yes they were angry with me initially.
Since I did not have an expectationthatthey shouldfollowme but also believed that they are able to do what they want to do,Ienjoyedthisjourney as much astheydid too.