My KAA – Outstation Trip


This began with one thought “design your own outstation trip”. There was excitement to go for the outstation trip of their own interests.

Bird Watching to B R Hills – One child who loves birds decided t o go for dedicated bird watching trip. The need was not enough, now this needed work. The search for a place, search for places to stay, search for resource people and search for self-followed. The search was not enough now it needed action – making budgets, calling people, listening and writing, arranging vehicle. The action was not enough, now he needed some more people to join hm for the trip – he began his advertising, [promising low-budget trip, promised value for the time. Finally, six kids with one adult facilitator and one resource person went for the three days adventure into the wilderness of B R Hills. For three days they just lived with birds – he lived his dream. The dream was not enough each child shared their journey in their own ways, own style.Some of the expressions of the kids from the trip.

Birds sketches in documentation –

A short 6 min video

Birds from my experience –

Skiing Course at Gulmarg – Another child who lives outdoor got excited with Sking course – 10days course with two days of examination, at Gulmarg as part of My Kaa. Excitement was not enough he had to understand the logistics of the trip, find the cheapest travel to Kashmir, understand the unknown weather, make arrangments and also understand the safety situations. Undratdiging was not enough he had to experience it – The course was tough, focused and very intense. All four boys passed the exam at the end of the course. One of them also won second prize in the race. The assessment was based on skills developed during 10 days. The practice sessions had 5-6 hrs of training each day with one more hour of indoor sessions called conference. Experience at Aarohi was not enough, they had to compose and present to the group through their documentation – They shared about Skiing and various techniques they learned in They shared how different techniques are used for turning, moving and handling ski. Understanding of snowy weather and knowing about the city was a bonus part of the trip.

One of them said …The course began with knowing Ski boots and orientation to the place. First few days felt strict and as I understood it, it became comfortable and more understanding developed. Most instructions were explained in Hindi, I learned by observing. Initially, the focus was on their behavior, later understating helped in accepting. Wow, moment was when I went straight down and zipping down the hill. The thought that I got controlled over my ski was exciting!

Another said – the Whole thing is nice, made mistakes also, learning was easy. Also felt scared of scolding initially, soon started liking. Initially, the course was difficult and soon it became joyful. Initially felt the Goggles were not required, later after the presentation on snow sickness I understood the importance of goggles. Wow, moment was practice for race and diving in the snow!

They want to go back for intermediate and advance course.

Imagine Aarohi which does not need to make the learning interesting, since children work from their interest. We have no dish to offer. We do not serve our children any learning on a platter. We aren’t cooking to satisfy the children. We’re like a kitchen: Raw material and tools (resources) of all kinds are available. Children are challenged to cook for themselves, to create own learning, to explore, experiment for own reasons, to satisfy own hunger.

Imagine Aarohi, a life education, where learning happens because children want to learn from their life – for their life.

Imagine Aarohi which does not make the learning easy. Children like it challenging.