My Journey with Socio-Emotional Responses

Sharing my musings about my journey with “Socio-Emotional Responses” ( our weekly objective )

During my preparation for the week, I experienced this objective at many different levels. Like A.Rehman’s music, it grew on me. As I was reading about emotions, responses, responses in various different environments, I felt like I was diving into deep water. With every dive I started to realize that there is so much out there, which is unknown to me.

Every reading (dive) was a new experience. Every new direction I took, I realized that this topic is inexhaustible and the learning possibilities are immense.

After every exploration, when I would surface, I would feel the need to read (dive) more and find out more. Individuals, groups, emotions, behaviors, responses, experiences, expressions in different environments…so many words which have so many possibilities of exploration. I enjoyed this experience.