My journey of exploring rhythms

After four days journey of rhythm one child of my session shares her journey of rhythm in her own words. Read below:

My Journey in exploring rhythm

On day 1 I listened to a Western Classical Instrumental song composed by Mozart. I Identified the rhythm with ease and enjoyed the music. I put the rhythm in terms of numbers and words like na na.

I listened to the music over and over again. I tried to understand what instruments were playing the music. As it was a classical music it had a combination of many rhythms and I enjoying listening to it. I picked the main rhythm and listened to it over and over again making me memorized with the rhythm. Soon lyrics formed in my mind and I made up a song(just for main rhythm). I then played the whole music and drew patterns depicting different rhythms and moved my pencil the way the rhythm led it. I then moved on to listening to other English song by Bryan Adams, Kenny rogers, The corrs e.t.c. Now that the songs had vocals in it, I found it harder to listen to the rhythm and identify the beats. At times all songs beat sounded like 1 1 1. I found lot of songs with the rhythm 1 2 3.

The next day I listened to different types of western music – I tried to see what is the difference in the rhythms. For long time I found no difference as all types of music,were similar in rhythm I found the beats same and found it confusing. I then saw rhythm can be different in terms of types of rhythm, not only beats of the rhythm. The rhythm can be different in speed,volume and tempo. This made me see the song in different perspective and I was able to make out differences in terms of rhythm. I enjoyed listening to music I have never heard of before. By listening to the rhythm I imaged what social relationship this kind of rhythm can form and what beliefs did I have for this kind of music and what is it now. For example Metal is very loud and fast rhythm kind of music. I had belief that people wear crazy black costumes and play this music. It is a angry music and very loud. It is still a loud music but I don’t find it crazy and it can form fun friendships in ones life.

The last but not least day I did an comparative analysis of what data I had collected on rhythms using percentages. Here I saw what type of rhythm appeal to me, which I enjoy more, which less. I realized I mostly like a medium monotonous rhythms – not to fast,not too slow but it wasn’t that I dint enjoy the other rhythms, I listen to different songs depending on my mood. I then played different instruments along with different music and enjoying jamming with the music thoroughly. When one rhythm monotonously plays it is memorizing to listen.


What is the difference between Rhythm and tune?

What is beats? What is rhythm?

Which all instruments play the rhythm?Only drums?

How is singing related to the rhythm?

How many rhythms one can have in one song ?