My health – I am AMABLE!!!

I have learnt from two kids in my session.

One child 14yrs old had Jaundice and she took complete care of herself. Her entire treatment was based on food restriction to care for Liver and she did all by self – visiting doctors, understanding form them why I need to eat certain food and certain not, she also did whole research on Liver and its function. When we used to have snacks, she used to serve us to keep her busy (she shared).

Another child 2/12/ year in my session – he has constipation. He visited the doctor with parents. Parents made a list of what all he can eat and what he cannot. They also discussed the daily exercise and medicine plan with him. He follows the plan and food restriction – when other children eat rusk (made of maida) he says it aloud “I will be able to eat when I am fine”.

The picture is not so rosy – whenever he cry for food, or not doing exercise, mother very gently reminds him “its for your stomach”. No threats, no diversions, no false promises.

His resistance has reduced, he is getting consistently the same message “this is for your stomach”. He has his own ups and down to be able to follow – but mother and child, both are working together. Many times I am amazed with the child’s capacity to control himself, while all other kids are eating cake or rusk or bun.

They are capable. They are Ambale!!!